Inappropriate use of AngularJS?

Picture building a “site/portal”. Where parts of it will be more complex with an UI being a good fit for something like AngularJS, using client side rendering and routing. On the opposite side, there will be other parts of the site that are more “static”, which would manage just fine with content being rendered server-side, without AJAX-calls etc. But all of it could be made 100% with AngularJS.

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Members named ID or post fixed with ID makes my eyes twitch

I have no idea why but whenever I read code and I stumble upon a member named, either in full or post fixed with, "ID" I get eye twitches and my face looks as twisted as Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky character. I start to drew, like an old bulldog getting a juicy bone. Or like an old fart taking a tour to a "nice" beach. My drew how-ever, is not from "joy". It’s all caused by a short circuited brain. You should be able to tell, I mean. I did write this post about it. So, why is it written "ID" and not "Id"? Really, WHY?!?! It’s short for "identifier", right? That is ONE word. ONE. Not one starting on "I" and one starting on "D".

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C# – Using implicit operator overloads to keep your API discoverable and open

Recently I had the need to provide consumers of a SDK with a set of possible values that could be passed to a constructor of a member in a SDK library. The "list" of values was semi-static. With this, I mean that I also needed to treat this list of possible values as a "current version" and still allow the consumer to pass a somewhat arbitrary value. Why? Because the remote service could come to allow more values before the SDK has had a chance to be updated. There are (as always) many solutions, but lets look at one using simple factory methods and a implicit operator overloads.

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Life saver when it comes to NuGet and portable libraries

While putting together some NuGets for some portable class libraries I found my self a bit lost of what target string to use. One way to find some guidance is the use the NuGet Package explorer to build up the NuSpec, but I found another source, which felt like a real life saver. Have a look your self and note the NuGet target column in the table.

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The release of v1.0.0 of MyCouch

MyCouch is the simple asynchronous CouchDb and Cloudant client for .Net – building on top of the asynchronous HTTP client and uses JSON.Net to provide flexible serialization behaviour. It is distributed via NuGet(CouchDb package, Cloudant package) and supports .Net4.0, .Net4.5 and Windows Store 8 & 8.1.

the simple asynchronous CouchDb and Cloudant client for .Net

The current API is the result of 363 days (on & off), 757 commits and 23 previous releases with feedback from users. From now on, focus will be on adding new features and build stuff around MyCouch, like the MyCouch.AspNetIdentity project.

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Copy NuGets between projects in Visual Studio in seconds

Found my self putting up projects that were duplicates of other projects when it came to the NuGets that should be installed in the projects. There were no template and no “master” NuGet to install so every one needed to be added manually. But there’s of course a simpler way that takes seconds (if you deduct the time for downloading missing NuGets). Let me show you.

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