Microsoft, JetBrains, Teamcity and WebApplication.Targets

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Microsoft and JetBrains could come to an agreement, so that EVERYTHING needed to build an Asp.Net solution, could be resolved from within TeamCity so that we wouldn’t have to make separate installs of msbuild tools and .Net frameworks and, most ANNOYINGLY, the web application targets that so many applies the “manual copy workaround” for.

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New lib – Requester for Web API response validation

Recently I had the need to write some tests against a web API returning JSON. I found FrisbyJS which worked really well, and thought: “Why not put together this in C# and .Net?”. So this is what Requester is. It’s a small lib, that assists you with making HTTP-requests against web APIs and then helps you validates the responses. E.g. validation of JSON-schema etc. Read along and I’ll give you some short intro on how to use it. Please be advised though. It’s an early release.

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My quest for a build script solution in .NET is (finally) over

My never ending quest for finding a build script solution that satisfies my requirements for facilitating builds within .NET might just have come to an end. I’ve gone from Albacore and Rake, to Phantom with Boo syntax, to psake and now finally GulpJS. I’ve glanced at Nant and others and none of the technologies has really “failed“, but there has been drawbacks. Now, I put my faith in GulpJS, which works great for e.g. compiling, minifying and bundling Less resources, but as it turns out, it also works great for managing builds within .NET.

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CouchDB – Hyper-V

Tiny, little tip coming. If you as me, are setting up CouchDB on e.g Hyper-V on your local computer at home, you need to fix a three settings. Two of them are obvious, the third is a bit less obvious.

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Simple JavaScript slugify

I confess. Me and regular expressions aren’t buddy, buddies. So it took some trial and error before reaching this point with something useful in the context of generating slugs. There are probably tons of scripts like these, but here we go.

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An oldies week – stored procedures

This week has been a bit of a surprise. First I got some questions about NHibernate, which I realized I have been blessed from using since around 2011, then today I got into a small discussion about stored procedures and that it’s viable to let it contain logic. I’m well aware that this is a religious question and that you probably find your self in on camp or the other. Me, I’m more in the camp of no business logic in SPs, but I can see an use-case for it as well. But then again, I’m flexible and try to look at each situation objectively.

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