The life of an archive worker, Bob, and his day of managing documents

In the family of NOSQL stores there is a particular family, focusing on storing semi-structured data as ONE unit called a document. This family is called: “document stores. It’s most often represented by a JSON-blob. When it comes to ACID-compliance, it’s “guaranteed” for ONE document. Either it accepts the blob or it doesn’t. A construct that e.g. makes it easier to scale as it reduces the time for locks etc. If scaling horizontally, it can still have conflicts as the cluster can become partitioned, but that’s out of scope of this post. This post is about…hmm…Bob and his documents. Oh, and some about the contentedness of documents; that is, its way to handle relationships.

Wait, can it?

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CKEditor – The link plugin is painfully “clever”

Been building “a thing” lately, that is in the need of a WYSIWYG editor. After looking around a bit, CKEditor was what I went with. It has been both one and two curses while trying to get it “working” as needed, but I still think it’s a winner for the requirements I had and it has a nice and extensive documentation. This post is about one particular issue that I have with it. I hope it’s just me. But their link-plugin is just utterly unfortunate by trying to be to “clever”. There are numerous solution on how to make it “simple”. Well guess what. They do not work! Even if StackOverflow answers says so. There’s a really simple solution and that’s what this post is about.

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Git tip – change capitalization of file

Today I built a solution that used the name of a file as an id, which (where used) is case-sensitive. At first I committed the file as dailyscores.json but after committed and pushed, I renamed it to dailyScores.json. Now, to get this change to be picked up, and correctly named when checked out on another computer, I used the following “command” before committing and pushing:

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Inappropriate use of AngularJS?

Picture building a “site/portal”. Where parts of it will be more complex with an UI being a good fit for something like AngularJS, using client side rendering and routing. On the opposite side, there will be other parts of the site that are more “static”, which would manage just fine with content being rendered server-side, without AJAX-calls etc. But all of it could be made 100% with AngularJS.

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