Stockholm – Use the technology of today to get more focus on quality and fair prices

I’m living in Stockholm in Sweden, and as many others I commute everyday to work. I think the system is working OK, but I do believe the technology used to charge for travels is used in the wrong way. There has to be a change in the pricing model as it’s outdated. It does not reflect the year of 2014 and it doesn’t make use of the possibilities that technology today brings. We could have something that is more fair and puts focus on delivering a higher quality service for daily travelling.

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CouchDB – many-to-many relations

CouchDB is one of those databases that is super simple to get started with and then has its not so obvious “tricks” how to accomplish things that might have felt super natural in another DB. Now, first lets pause right here and think of what I just said:

…might have felt super natural in another DB.

CouchDB is a document oriented database where you query on simple or complex keys, which are produced by you using a secondary-index defined by a map-function (as in map-reduce). It is not a database designed for relational data as graph databases (e.g. Neo4j, OrientDB) or RDBMS. CouchDB is not optimized for handling relations. You can mimic it, but be aware that it can come back and bite you in … ..

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Aerospike for a C# developer – Day 1

Just started evaluating Aerospike as a potential key-value store. So far I really like the experience and the product. How-ever, as a C# developer, life could be a bit happier with some small adjustments from Aerospike. Let me pinpoint the ones I stumbled upon during my first hours with it. But please. Don’t get intimidated by this post. Look at the below as small tips to ease the getting started process.

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ASP.Net MVC 5 – quick tip for unobtrusive validation and Bootstrap styling

Remarkable. If you just create a new ASP.Net MVC 5 project, it comes with Bootstrap enabled. If you have selected to include scaffolded code for Individual user accounts, you also get e.g. a log in form generated for you. Now, just click the Log in button and look at the visual design of the validation errors. It does not use Bootstraps e.g. has-error on the form-group, hence you loose some “intended” Bootstrap validation behavior. There are various tips for this. Mine consists of a tiny piece of JavaScript and then you are done with it. Lets have a look.

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Intelligent browsers

What if the application you built was not made up of markup with the purpose of explicitly creating controls? What if your application instead was made up of data-islands/data-providers with meta-data instructing the browser about what kind of service and data you offer? In the case of accepting input etc, you would also be able to instruct the browser with business rules and steps to perform.

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In love with my new computer setup

Just assembled the last piece (for now) of my new computer. First lets get one thing clear, I’m not a gamer. I really don’t care about gaming. The usage of this computer will be development, photo and some movie editing, but focus is on development. I wanted a good and performant setup for running Hyper-V on it, hosting multiple devmachines and servers. So far, it feels really good. And it’s not running on any specific server hardware.

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Document database modelling gone bad

Recently I was building a solution for managing some contents. I used a document oriented database for storing the actual contents. In this particular scenario, I used CouchDB. First a POC was built, just to get an idea of the domain and what was possible to achieve, given a fixed amount of resources. Then the actual product work began. One requirement was to be able to reuse content. The reuse strategy picked was, by faking references. So there was no duplication and embedding of data, instead, there was a referencing solution. This post is about the shortcomings that I’ve found with going that route.

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