NUnit call chain and sample usage

This is more of a reminder for my self, but just started using NUnit again, now that it is out in v3.0. Back to possibility of using attributes for setup and teardown possibilites, but of course, you can use the constructor and/or IDisposable as well. And do you know what? I LIKE IT! I like having simple attributes for assembly initialization. I like having attributes that enable me to control setup- and tear down behaviour.

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HttpRequester and in-memory Web-API testing

I’ve been working with ASP.Net WebAPI a bit lately. While doing this, I had the need for writing some integration tests by excercising the API using my little Requester library. I wanted a solution where I was doing requests against “hosted” API-endpoints, where the OWIN pipeline for the API has been executed and my Ninject container bootstraped, my filters for FluentValidation working… you get the picture right. To get this behaviour, I could have gone with in-process self-hosting, but found that the in-memory OWIN pipline cabable hosting solution to be a really nice fit (docs | NuGet). And after a tiny adjustment of Requester, it worked against it as well.

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