Microsoft, JetBrains, Teamcity and WebApplication.Targets

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Microsoft and JetBrains could come to an agreement, so that EVERYTHING needed to build an Asp.Net solution, could be resolved from within TeamCity so that we wouldn’t have to make separate installs of msbuild tools and .Net frameworks and, most ANNOYINGLY, the web application targets that so many applies the “manual copy workaround” for.

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New lib – Requester for Web API response validation

Recently I had the need to write some tests against a web API returning JSON. I found FrisbyJS which worked really well, and thought: “Why not put together this in C# and .Net?”. So this is what Requester is. It’s a small lib, that assists you with making HTTP-requests against web APIs and then helps you validates the responses. E.g. validation of JSON-schema etc. Read along and I’ll give you some short intro on how to use it. Please be advised though. It’s an early release.

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