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C# - Using bitwise combinations with Uri.GetComponents

Time to share something neath, and that is the possibility of using bitwise combinations of System.UriComponents (MSDN-docs) with System.Uri.GetComponents (MSDN-docs) to easily reformat an URL.

Lets have a look at some code that dumps out the individual values of an URL and finally makes use of GetComponents to “pick some parts of interest”.

var uri = new Uri(
    "https://superman:[email protected]:8081/todo/list/?foo=bar");

var values = Enum.GetValues(typeof (UriComponents)).OfType();
foreach (var value in values)
    Console.WriteLine("{0} = {1}",
        uri.GetComponents(value, UriFormat.UriEscaped));

The output of the code above:

Scheme = https
UserInfo = superman:steel
Host = my-sub.my-domain.com
Port = 8081
SchemeAndServer = https://my-sub.my-domain.com:8081
Path = todo/list/
Query = foo=bar
PathAndQuery = /todo/list/?foo=bar
HttpRequestUrl = https://my-sub.my-domain.com:8081/todo/list/?foo=bar
Fragment =
AbsoluteUri = https://superman:[email protected]:8081/todo/list/?foo=bar
StrongPort = 8081
HostAndPort = my-sub.my-domain.com:8081
StrongAuthority = superman:[email protected]:8081
NormalizedHost = my-sub.my-domain.com
KeepDelimiter =
SerializationInfoString = https://superman:[email protected]:8081/todo/list/?foo=bar

Now lets look at how we can make use of bitwise combinations, to remove: UserInfo, Port and Path

    UriComponents.AbsoluteUri &
    ~UriComponents.UserInfo &
    ~UriComponents.Port &
    ~UriComponents.Path, UriFormat.UriEscaped));

Which outputs:


As you can see, it removed: UserInfo, Port and Path so that only Scheme, Host and Query were left.

That’s all. A neat little solution to have in your toolbox.


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