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I want to handover MyCouch

A while back ago I started a project called MyCouch [https://github.com/danielwertheim/mycouch]. It's an async .Net driver for CouchDB [http://couchdb.apache.org/] and Cloudant [https://cloudant.com/]. Since I'm no longer an active user of neither CouchDB nor Cloudant, I think the project w…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim

CouchDB - Hyper-V

Tiny, little tip coming. If you as me, are setting up CouchDB on e.g Hyper-V on your local computer at home, you need to fix a three settings. Two of them are obvious, the third is a bit less obvious. First – Firewall By default CouchDB listens to port 5984. Ensure that is allowed as an inbound rul…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim

Document database modelling gone bad

Recently I was building a solution for managing some contents. I used a document oriented database for storing the actual contents. In this particular scenario, I used CouchDB. First a POC was built, just to get an idea of the domain and what was possible to achieve, given a fixed amount of resource…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim