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CouchDB - Hyper-V

Tiny, little tip coming. If you as me, are setting up CouchDB on e.g Hyper-V on your local computer at home, you need to fix a three settings. Two of them are obvious, the third is a bit less obvious.

First – Firewall

By default CouchDB listens to port 5984. Ensure that is allowed as an inbound rule in your firewall.

Second – Configure CouchDB IP

By default, it’s setup to listen on You have different options, very well documented here. I went with

Third – Revisit that IP configuration

I got the CouchDB install to serve request in my browser, but failed using e.g. curl http://myhost:5984. Didn’t work in a little C# console application either. Pinging it showed the issue. The Windows 2012 R2 machine was using IPv6 and IPv4. Revisited the config file, changed to :: and I was done.


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