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How to create a NuGet metapackage

This is more of a note to myself post, but last week I had the need to create a metapackage (a package without any contents, one that just references other packages). It was a really long time ago since I did that 👴Like in the pre dotnet CLI age, where you manually created the .nuspec files. Can…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim

MongoDB, C# and DateTime's

Storing DateTime in MongoDB using C# is easy. Just add a property of DateTime and off you go. Easy. Right? Well, MongoDB stores all date times as UTC, but you can tell the driver to deserialize back as e.g DateTimeKind.Local, but nevertheless, it will be stored in UTC (and maybe not returned with th…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim

C# - Always valid value objects

Saw a video that was talking about the fact that using value objects provides you with always valid objects. Then it showed usage of the new'ish C# minimal construct for a record, using the positional syntax, defining some properties and then went on with life. This does of course not provide yo…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim