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Inappropriate use of AngularJS?

Picture building a “site/portal”. Where parts of it will be more complex with an UI being a good fit for something like AngularJS, using client side rendering and routing. On the opposite side, there will be other parts of the site that are more “static”, which would manage just fine with content being rendered server-side, without AJAX-calls etc. But all of it could be made 100% with AngularJS.

Please, when done, share your opinions and thoughts using the comments below. This post is all about me seeking feedback.

When it comes to SEO, seen to the more “static” parts, it would be easier to go with server-side rendering. How-ever, it could also be done using client-side rendering and then use a service like Prerender.io to have it indexed for search engines.

Most of the “static” parts are being administrated using an “inline” administrative “tool”, built using AngularJS. So if there were to be two different solutions: one for the admin tool and one for the “public” facing parts; some layout parts might need to be duplicated, since one would render server-side and one client-side.

That’s the scene. Please, provide your thoughts and feedback. Pros and cons with e.g. using AngularJS for the “static” parts as well.



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