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Microsoft, JetBrains, Teamcity and WebApplication.Targets

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Microsoft and JetBrains could come to an agreement, so that EVERYTHING needed to build an Asp.Net solution, could be resolved from within TeamCity so that we wouldn’t have to make separate installs of msbuild tools and .Net frameworks and, most ANNOYINGLY, the web application targets that so many applies the “manual copy workaround” for.

Obviously, all the dependencies I listed above would vanish by simply installing Visual Studio on the machine, but that is for me an IDE, hence a tool for a developer, not a build server.

Come on Microsoft. Make it easy for us. At least distribute something so that we can have one minimal install, e.g via Web platform installer.

Also, please Microsoft and all evangelists, do put down some real guidance on how this should be solved. Surely you don’t mean we should do manual copies or install VS2015 on build servers?


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