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MyCouch - the async CouchDb client for .Net

Recently I started a new open source project called MyCouch. It’s a simple async CouchDB client for .Net. It’s based on top of the async HttpClient found in .Net 4.5, but thanks to Microsoft’s portable class libraries (PCL) found on NuGet, there’s now also a build for .Net 4.0 and WinRT.

Microsoft has released some NuGets that provides us with async capabilities and the async HttpClient to .Net 4.0, WinRT, Silverlight etc. At first I tried to build MyCouch as a PCL targeting .Net4.0+, Silverlight4+, Windows phone 7.5+ and WinRT; but something were causing the serialization (using Json.Net) to fail. So for now, there are specific projects that specifically targets each “environment”. And first out is .Net4.0, .Net4.5 and Windows Store (WinRT).

All you have to do is to install the NuGet for MyCouch:

install-package mycouch


There are some previous writings about MyCouch, e.g.: "Get up and running with CouchDb and C# using MyCouch on Windows". There’s also a great deal of documentation about MyCouch, to find in the Wiki.


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