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Not so happy about Garmin Express right now

If you happen to follow me on Twitter then you probably know that I’m really not happy with Garmin and their Garmin Express software right now. If you don’t know what it is, it’s the software that is supposed to sync data between e.g. your Garmin Forerunner 620 and Garmin Connect. Today I had a unpleasant experience with it and I would be more than happy to try another brand right now if they said: “Hey, we take your Garmin 620 and switch it for a something, something.”

I usually sync my watch using Bluetooth. There’s an option to sync using WiFi, but I don’t find that as a nice user experience. There’s also a software, Garmin Express, that you can install on your computer and then, when you connect your device it syncs stuff. The thing is. Today, it started syncing. Then it hanged. Then the device disconnected from my computer. After restart of Express and reconnecting my watch, all activities where gone! I checked in explorer, and the files where gone. Tried to find backup files or something, thinking, maybe they do that until sync is complete. You know, in case something happens. Nope! Found nothing. And no data seems to have been uploaded to Garmin Connect.

How on earth can you wipe data like this, before you actually have received acknowledge on that it has been synced and stored without conflicts.

A totally unacceptable error! This is something I fail hard to understand and I regret that I started Garmin Express. I regret that I have been lazy syncing my data so that I now miss approximately two weeks of data!. I regret now (despite being an awesome watch) that I bought a Garmin.

I tried various undelete software, but none managed to find any files to recover. So if you are about to design/build something like it. Pretty please with sugar on top – DO NOT DELETE STUFF UNTIL YOU KNOW IT’S PERSISTED ELSE WHERE.



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