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Some thoughts about the book - 11 grams of truth

It’s now about 12 hours since I finished reading 11 Gram of truth by Daniel Akenine and it has been 12 hours of every now and then revisiting parts of the book and replaying scenes of it in my mind. My first reaction when ending the book was to ping the author on Twitter, about getting a sequel of it. There has to be one. Please say there is.

The theme of the book, I would say, is about the potential power that lies within the reach, the reach for those who possess large amount of broad data and know how to harvest/use it. For good or for bad.

There’s also a constant reminder about the fact that by using web-mail, online disks etc. you put your data in the hands of others. And that security is no stronger than the weakest link, and the weakest link is most likely human. Even though I’m well aware of the continuously growing situation, were we put our data in the hands of third parties, I still think the book will raise “thoughts” on the subject with other readers. Most likely readers who are new to the field of Information technology (IT).

The book has a nice pace and pictures scenes well. While reading it you could easily fantasize about a couple of alternate endings, where the author perhaps didn’t take the route I had in my mind, but nevertheless, a good book that I can recommend. For me it was a continuous reading. Once I started I couldn’t stop. Didn’t think I would reach the end so fast. It inspired me to go and browse for some new titles about data analysis. And again. I hope to see a sequel soon.

PS! Not a skilled book reviewer, just wanted to share something.


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