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Routemeister and middlewares

Today I released v0.3.0 of Routemeister, where I added a new router that allows you to hook in middlewares in a way similar to how you can to in Owin. This means, you e.g. can intercept, wrap or exit the pipeline before the message is routed to its handler. Use the new router First lets get som rou…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim

Routemeister optimizations

Just release v0.2.0 of Routemeister [https://github.com/danielwertheim/routemeister]. In this release the internals has be rewritten to use IL Emits to get quicker method invocations. This also allows Routemeister move away from singletons when it comes to resolving instances of the classes implemen…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim

Introducing Routemeister

Routemeister is a small NuGet built with one single purpose. Assisting with in-process async message routing. It can be used if you e.g. are dispatching messages cross process using RabbitMQ [https://www.rabbitmq.com/] or ActiveMQ [http://activemq.apache.org/] and then want to dispatch the message t…

Daniel Wertheim Daniel Wertheim