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Tip to managers - think twice before addressing a person by name in a discussion

When you find your self in a two-party discussion, where you sense you are in a disagreement, think twice before addressing the other person by name. Why? Because it's very easy that the other person feels offended and see you as disrespectful. He/she can easily feel that you think he/she is less valued then yourself. Especially if you are in charge of the person. E.g. if you act as a manager, team-lead or similar. Of course it can be hard. You might have had a tuff day. Feeling the stress of other "more important" tasks piling up. You might be tired of the discussion as it has been held 100 times before. Poor you! That's part of being a manager. And not valid reasons for being a jerk. If you can't act respectful against your employees, why should they listen to you and do as you say?

Treating people with respect, is key for establishing a solid foundation which you can build great relationships upon. How you act and communicate characterizes you and affects the environment around you. Being a "boss" should not be the goal. Being a great leader should.


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