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What's up with all the changes to MyCouch?

MyCouch is the asynchronous .Net client for CouchDb. It’s currently in version 0.13.1 and many of the latest releases has been more about changes to the API than bringing in new features. This does of course make it harder for early adopters to consume. How-ever, there are no intentions of bringing the MyCouch lib to v1.0.0 before the API feels OK. So if e.g. something as simple as a rename of some component, can lead to a more intuitive API, it will be done until we reach v1.0.0.

If you want to follow along on what’s happening, there’s a public Trello board for MyCouch. This is where you can have a quick look to get a feeling of what currently is in the loop.

This will not continue forever. The goal is to not have more than a couple of more releases with features (not exceeding v0.20.0), before reaching v1.0.0, so there are not that many releases left. But the more use-cases we can get thrown at it before going v1.0.0, the more stable it will be afterwards. So start using it now.

I hope you all can have patience with it. And please, please, please. Do provide feedback so that we can make it great.



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