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Why I gave up on NUnit and not went with something cool like XUnit

I’ve been spending some time lately “converting” a lib from .Net4.5 to .Net4.0 and WinRT. Unfortunately I could not use portable class libraries (PCL) but that’s another story. When converting the code, I ran into problems with using NUnit for running my tests in the WinRT class libraries:

The process has no package identity

A quick spike with the Microsoft test project for WinRT showed all green lights. So, out with NUnit and in with MSTest. I also didn’t spend any time on finding any alternatives, why? Well, I want something that works and if there is a product for writing tests from the creator of .Net, WinRT etc. then surely that must have the best chance of be working, right? Sure I will probably loose some nice fluffy syntax and cool language constructs that exists in other frameworks. But, really, that’s OK. At least for now. I’m guessing though, that this will come back and bite me, and you will probably see a follow up post on this where I have switched testing framework.


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