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Introducing MyCouch - a Simple async CouchDb client for .Net

Just got a new NuGet out – “MyCouch – a Simple async CouchDb client for .Net” – which uses the async HTTP-client to interact with the HTTP API of CouchDb. It tries to mimic the domain-language and structure of CouchDb and lets you work with pure JSON or using entities/POCOs. The future will bring builtin support for caching, proxies/sharding, etc. Go grab it now and try it out. It’s on NuGet. Documentation is improved continuously.

It’s simple to get started with

install-package mycouch
using (var client = new Client(""))
    //Consume here e.g
    var response1 = client.Documents.Post(json);

    //or using the async API
    var response2 = client.Documents.PostAsync(json);

    //Simple get
    var getResponseOfJson = client.Documents.Get("someid");
    var json = getResponseOfJson.Content;

    //or using an entity
    var getResponseOfEntity = client.Documents.Get<MyEntity>("someid");

    //or querying using views
    var viewResponse = client.Views.Query<MyEntity[]>(q => q

    foreach (var myEntity in viewResponse.Rows) {
        //Do something with your entity.

Every action will give you a response in turn. The response gives you information about state etc:

    RequestMethod: GET
    Status: OK(200)
    Reason: <NULL>
    Id: 1
    Rev: 34-e0813c9f99766efcf679468adb02c6ce
    Content: {
        "name":"Fake artist 1",
        "albums":[{"name":"Greatest fakes #1"}]}

Well that’s it for now. More info will come.


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