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Resources I've found useful to get going with F#

I started looking into F# last year and the switch from C# was easier than expected. In my case, I didn't just fire up Visual Studio (Code or Pro) to start fiddling. I started reading. And I thought I would share a list of resources I've appreciated during this journey.

This post will be updated continuously. Feel free to provide tips. Initially it started out as a tweet:

Get programming with F#

I think this is a good "get up to speed book" when you have prior experience to e.g. C#. At least it worked for me.



Domain modelling made functional &
F# for fun and profit

A part from having an excellent site with tons of good F# contents, Scott also has a very good book, which shows how F# can be used to put together expressive domain models with very little code.




Stylish F#

Could very well have been the first or second book, but it was my third and I've used it a bit as a refresher and lookup book. Works well.



Concurrency in .NET

This book works both for C# developers and F# developers that want to learn tips and tricks about concurrency in .NET.




Feel free to make me aware of other resources I should look into.



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