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Thank you Microsoft for Async and Await in .Net 4.0

As you probably know, I’ve recently started to write on a new OSS project, MyCouch – the async .Net client for .Net. It’s still quite young and was recently only targeting .Net4.5 and its async HTTPClient. But thanks to excellent work of Microsoft, who has not just released NuGet for bringing the async and await to .Net4.0, but also a NuGet for bringing the async HTTPClient to .Net4.0; there is now support for MyCouch in .Net4.0 as well.

Really nice seeing these “extensions” to the BCL being distributed by Microsoft. Nice to have an extra and quicker release cycle. It’s like Santa Microsoft is letting the elfs share pieces of Christmas all year round.

The BCL Team’s blog has now been merged with the .Net team’s blog, and that’s were you can keep an eye out for more info on future releases etc.



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